Frida is a miracle worker when it comes to areola reconstruction! She corrected the damage from scar tissue due to a botched breast lift by a non board certified plastic surgeon, who left me scarred for ten years without hope of ever looking normal again. I contacted many tattoo artists and they all say scar tissue will not take the ink and they couldn't help me, I would be scarred for life! I had a lumpectomy, which left me with a new scar which I thought was just going to devastate my self-image even further. It was a blessing in disguise when the board certified plastic surgeon told me about an expert in skin pigmentation named Frida! I look normal and the scar tissue is covered and undetectable. I am restored because of all the attention to detail and gentle touch of Frida as she works her magic. Thank you for giving me a better self-image and optimism about what can be restored, because anything is possible!

-Alexandra 8/3/11

Aesthetics Centre is a lovely hidden gem in Woodland Hills. It's a cozy place where the staff is very accommodating and you can find top quality service. Frida is extremely precise and detail oriented, making her an expert at permanent makeup. She is a master at creating natural results, women look so refreshed that they just wake up and go! I trust her work and refer my patients over from my office in Beverly Hills--telling my patient referrals that the journey "over the hill" is well worth it.

-Julie Edween DO, FAOCO
Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Frida is amazing!! She is truly an artist! Having my eyebrows and lips tattooed is the best thing I've ever done for myself and has changed my life! Anyone considering permanent make-up should call Frida. She is the best! Frida, you have a loyal client for life!

-Jody C.

Love my brows! You do a great job, and are always fun!

-Heidi J.

I have known Frida for over 9 years, every patient of our medspa that asks about permanent makeup or electrolysis we refer without hesitation. Our patients only have wonderful things to say about her and her services. She is professional and excellent at what she does.

-Maureen Zaradez
MDS Medical Spa and Laser Center

I was very particular about tattooing my eyebrows. One of Frida's clients recommended me to go see her. I then met Frida and discussed what I wanted. I felt very comfortable and was impressed with her. I was very happy with the work that she did on me. My life has changed because I feel better with myself, I spend less time in front of the mirror, and I look fabulous. Thank you, Frida!

-Natalie R.

Dear Frida, Thank you and thank you again you have given me two very special gifts. One of them profound, really your exceptional work has given me the satisfaction of looking presentable even as I arise each morning. It is a lot less scary passing the mirror on the way to the bathroom. I feel as though I have a make-up artist at my service everyday, all day. This is what I had hoped for and more. It's a pleasure! With your considerable artistry and talent you have achieved a very natural, becoming look. Your nurturing persona and excellent timing served to minimize the relatively brief period of discomfort. The profound result has been the enormous convenience! I did not forsee the precious time I would gain as a result of the procedures. Time is the commodity I most desire- for reading, exercising, and leisure. My life is frequently hectic and you, gracious lady, have made it less so. Less stress, more contemplation, less make-up, more compliments. You are the best!

-Marjorie L.