About Us

Frida Ben-Hanan, a professional electrologist for 29 years, is passionate about making people feel whole and confident with themselves. Her goal is to bring people happiness when they look in the mirror.

"I love my work because I get to make people look beautiful, and, more importantly, feel comfortable within their own skin."

Frida believes that having a positive self-image is the key to life's happiness, and if she can help provide that then she has succeeded.

After ten years of successfully dedicating herself to electrolysis, Frida delved into permanent make-up. In her many years of practice, Frida has helped thousands of clients find their positive self-image.

An avid supporter of the American Cancer Society, Frida is happiest when she can provide comfort for her patients knowing that she can color in areas (e.g., eyebrows, eyes, etc.) where hair has fallen out due to alopecia, chemotherapy or any other illnesses causing the hair to fall out. Frida's greatest passion in life is for people to feel whole and complete again.

Having studied in Brazil and Israel, Frida is knowledgeable about all skin types and all worldly beauty. Her expertise includes permanent make-up and electrolysis.

Many clients, including celebrities, travel from all over the country to have their permanent make-up done by Frida.

Frida's qualifications:
- Bloodborne Pathoghens Certified to keep her clients safe.
- Adept in the art of designing the correct shape and look for one's individual needs.
- Specializes in knowing the undertone of skin-blending and the art of blending colors creating a natural and radiant glow for her clients.